Monday, November 19, 2012

FO: A Pixie hat; or: In the spirit of Wovember

To learn all about Wovember, head here.

And here's the Pixie hat. It's all done and finished, unblocked as that is not needed iop. I admit, not even all of the ends are woven in. I thought it was so cute, it had to be worn immediately.

The pattern does not make any sense the first time you read it, but somehow during the knitting process I got it all figured out. As gauge is not specified, I was not sure if the finished project will be wearable, but I powered through and the fit is spot on.

The shawl she's wearing is this. Last week in daycare her baktus scarf got misplaced, so one morning whilst rushing to get her ready and realizing that she does not have another shawl (a thing that has to be corrected), I gave her my Hazeline. I think it looks so cute on her. Plus, she loves it as well. And now whenever we are getting ready to go out, she brings me this shawl to put it on her. I'm sure Christine would be pleased that her gift is so well received by both of us.


  1. What a wonderful hat! She's so sweet - thank you for sharing, made me smile

  2. Aww, she is so cute! Love the hat, but I guess you know that already ;)

  3. Nuo mažų dienų mergina supranta, kas yra tikra :))


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