Friday, September 14, 2012

FO: Georgia cardigan

I want to finish this blogging week with a very nice FO that has been keeping me warm for many days already.
Back in May I read about a KAL that was starting for a Jane Richmond design. The deadline was very generous - May through the end of July. That was so me, I do need three months to finish a fingering weight cardi. I knew the chances were high that I would be able to finish it if I joined in the KAL.

On top of it, I saw it as a chance to use up my Wollmeise yarn as I intended to have no Wollmeise yarn before going to their annual sale. And I succeeded. I only had to talk a knitting friend into joining me in this KAL and use up my second skein of this blue Wollmeise lace. She did not need much convincing.

This cardi might end up in my sister's wardrobe as, let's face it, she's a person for so much blue. The pattern is very straightforward and clear. I think this might be my go-to for a simple design. I need a cardi in red or brown. Or maybe both. If I only had the time.


  1. Beautiful! I'm thinking of doing another already as well. Gemma :-)

  2. the sister's wardrobe, tai čia apie mane ar kitą sesę kalbi. Sigh. Mėlyna ir man patinka, jei ką.. Jei visos mano mėlynos suknelės dar neįtikino kieno nors hahahaha ;) x

    Nice. Labai nice. ;) x

  3. Wow, that's so pretty! I'm impressed you can knit a fingerling weight cardi in 3 months!

  4. gorgeous! Looks like the perfect classic cardi.

  5. Such a beautiful knit, and great colour!


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