Monday, September 10, 2012

back with socks

Well, it was a longer break from blogging than anticipated. I was reading your blogs all this time and knitting, of course. Something has changed in me and I am not that much interested in taking pictures and showing off my knits online. My Ravelry page needs updating and so does this blog. But the biggest change that has taken place is that I do not have the time for pretty blog pictures. The socks above were taken outside as I was going on a playdate. The photoshoot took about one minute and I did not take dozens of pictures. This is just one of the two and that's the best I could do. 

These socks were part of my New Year's resolution to try some Opal yarn. There'll surely be much more knitting with this yarn and their hundertwasser colourways. But not this year. This year I already overfilled my sock yarn stash with Wollmeise that first needs to be knit down.


  1. I can understand that, I've also needed the odd break. Sometimes it's fun to just knit, without documenting every little step.
    The socks look lovely. I especially like the yellownones, it looks as if they have a honeycomb pattern.

  2. Lovely socks!
    That's okay, I've realized it's not about getting the "perfect" picture so much as it is enjoying the process of what you are doing.


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